Wednesday Assembly Round-up

Wednesday Assembly Run-down

Wednesday evening saw the first of our regular organising assemblies which was well attended and rather fruitful. Here follows a brief run down of what went down.

Procedure for putting on events at the space:

It was decided that events other than free uni workshops should be presented to the assembly on Wednesdays to be given the thumbs up by the group. Free uni workshops can be submitted spontaneously. Should someone wish to put on an event at shorter notice it can be proposed to folks at the free uni on Saturday.

Event Proposals:

Conflict resolution – mid November

Regular film night – every Tuesday, film starts 7.30 next week’s film to be decided at the end of the previous week. First film: Living Utopia – a film about Spanish anarchist organising in the 1930’s.

Independent media group – a get together to create independent media – every Thursday 5pm

Letter writing to those imprisoned for their participation in current struggles – every Thursday 5pm

Legal observer training – Date TBA (before November 9th)

Regular English as foreign language lessons – Every Saturday @ the free uni

Gender chat club – two sessions – Monday’s 5.30pm (self identified women only) Saturday @ Free Uni men and women welcome.


pegging people on the street


mailing list

focus publicity materials on the Saturday Free Uni events

Folks take initiative on publicising wherever possible

Safer Space Policy

Everyone take responsibility for being vigilant of sexist, racist, etc. behaviour

Living space/social centre divide: folks living @ Plebs’ make decisions about people staying the night.

Draft safer spaces policy to be brought to next Wednesday’s assembly for discussion/amendment by the group.

Anonymous box to be put out for folks to leave concerns about the space or interactions they’ve had to be seen and discussed by the assembly.


Potential offer of funding for specific needs from Solfed

Fundraiser gig for OARC + Plebs – folks volunteered to find bands and sort venue

Opening hours

Request for folks to come and (wo)man day time drop in hours to ease burden on residents.

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Wish List

Here be a list of things it would be great to have at Plebs’. If you can assist,  boundless cups of coffee and adoration shall be thy reward.




decorative items – posters, material, paints


blackboard paint

white external paint




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Regular events for thee diary


Organising assembly.

Come down with ideas on how to use and run the space, workshops you’d like to take part in or events you’d like to see here.



Free Uni and meal

Bring yourselves n’ your skillz. If you’d like to run a workshop or have a debate or discussion on a particular subject drop us an e-mail so we can schedule things.

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We have (after many a squatting fiasco) finally found a new home!

We are now on

51 Union Street,
(behind Tesco, through the green gates next to East Oxford Primary school)

We are holding a FREE UNIVERSITY and MEAL on Monday from five.

Feel free to drop in before that for a chat. we’ll be around. Any new ideas about how to use the space are welcome.

Oh, and if you see any spare chairs lying around, bring them along!

(in fact any decorative item or furniture at all would be greatly appreciated….)

Much love


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The Plebs are still currently homeless, but will be up and running again VERY SOON


In the meantime here’s a  short film about what we got up to



Much love x

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the owner of no.55 Randolph st has asserted his right to leave a large
building empty, forcing Plebs' College to leave...  It isn't all bad news
though, for we are throwing a 'removal party' (dancing and moving things)

Come in fancy dress if you fancy it

There will be:
pet spiders of a size you have never seen before…(this is optional)
spectacular dance moves


It will be epic

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Documentary film on Wednesday

Brilliant film showing at Plebs College on Wednesday:


‘In prison my whole life’


A documentary film about the life imprisonment of black panther activist Abu Jamal


More info:

Wednesday 7pm

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Dale Farm info night

Tomorrow (Thurs 1st Sept) we’re having a Dale Farm info night.

If you haven’t heard about Dale Farm check out:

Starting at 7pm it’ll be an evening of discussion (and possibly some films too) about the situation at Dale Farm; the largest Traveller community in the UK, now facing a brutal eviction.

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Ammendments to the week

The talks tonight have been rescheduled for a later date… Still, come on down for discussion on both topics and some planning/banner-making for Saturday’s demo against the EDL…

Don’t forget that there’ll be



Free University

////on SATURDAY 12-4///

The last one was amazing with heated debates on demographic change and anarchism continuing late into the night and workshops and classes on stand-up comedy, composing photographs, film-making, and abstract journalism, neuroscience and Italian during the day…

If you would like to run a workshop on Saturday, email, so we can put it out there, or just turn up!

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Exciting things going on this week at Plebs college:


Circus workshop from 4pm followed by a screening of the film ‘Man on Wire’ at 7pm.



Talks followed by discussion:

-Trade Union responses to the rise of the far right (Tracy Walsh)

-Critique of the media portrayal of the riots (Kieron Walsh)


Keep checking, there’ll be more!












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