Dale Farm info night

Tomorrow (Thurs 1st Sept) we’re having a Dale Farm info night.

If you haven’t heard about Dale Farm check out:


Starting at 7pm it’ll be an evening of discussion (and possibly some films too) about the situation at Dale Farm; the largest Traveller community in the UK, now facing a brutal eviction.


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Ammendments to the week

The talks tonight have been rescheduled for a later date… Still, come on down for discussion on both topics and some planning/banner-making for Saturday’s demo against the EDL…

Don’t forget that there’ll be



Free University

////on SATURDAY 12-4///

The last one was amazing with heated debates on demographic change and anarchism continuing late into the night and workshops and classes on stand-up comedy, composing photographs, film-making, and abstract journalism, neuroscience and Italian during the day…

If you would like to run a workshop on Saturday, email oxsquat@riseup.net, so we can put it out there, or just turn up!

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Exciting things going on this week at Plebs college:


Circus workshop from 4pm followed by a screening of the film ‘Man on Wire’ at 7pm.



Talks followed by discussion:

-Trade Union responses to the rise of the far right (Tracy Walsh)

-Critique of the media portrayal of the riots (Kieron Walsh)


Keep checking, there’ll be more!












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We’re in the media, dahling

Squatter Steve Durruti, left, and local resident Dave LockeThe local media has taken a bit of a shine to Plebs College and so far the coverage has been pretty supportive. We’ve had the Oxford Mail round a few times and they’ve printed several articles about developments at the squat. This morning we also had BBC Oxford TV and radio round. It seems this sort of community space is exactly what Oxford needs. The court, the local residents and the mainstream media are on side, now we just need the landowners to let us stay.

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Judge rules, Plebs College will stay open!

Just a quick update to pass on the good news. Plebs’ College was in court this morning to decide if and when it will be evicted. The Judge was very sympathetic and acknowledged the “reasonable” nature of the people and the use of the space being respectful to the community. He said he had to grant the possession order but has given Plebs College another couple of weeks of life. Following this there will be a discussion about what steps to take next in the coming days so keep posted for more updates!

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Resist Eviction!

 55 Randolph Street has been empty for one year; a year in which the government has taken vital resources from communities through cuts. Within a week of squatting the building we were established as ‘Plebs College’ with a library, cafe, skill-share workshops and big community meals. With such a positive local response it is clear that there is a need for such spaces in Oxford. We will continue to use abandoned space in this way. Come and support Plebs college at their eviction hearing at the St. Aldates Court, 10am this Thursday. Or come along to the next free uni at 55 Randolph Street, this Saturday, 12 – 4.

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